Warranty Returns can be handled in two ways:

  1. Ship the warrantied part back to us for inspection. Once the part is approved for warranty you will be shipped a replacement part. (For further clarification on why a part would not be approved for warranty please see below)
  2. If you need a replacement part immediately, you can provide us with a credit card and you will be charged for a replacement part and one will be shipped out. Once the warrantied part is shipped back to us, inspected and approved for warranty you will be issued a refund on your credit card.

Reasons why a part would not be approved for a warranty claim:

  • Improper installation (Some examples are: Cracked ear on compressor, crack in tube on evaporator core)
  • Unauthorized modification to the part (An example: adding dye or oil to a compressor when it specifically says not to)
  • If the technical department is unable to determine any defect with the part. If no defect is found, the part will be returned to the customer and a proper diagnosis will need to be done to find the real issue.

If a part is not approved for a warranty claim we will do our best to offer you a replacement product at a fair discounted price.

All warranty claims are to be phoned in first. After the phone conversation, all parts are to be sent to Jeep Air accompanied with a receipt. NO warranty claim will be valid without a receipt.

If you receive a defective/damaged part please contact us for an exchange. Jeep Air will not refund your account if you purchase another part in replacement of the defective part.