Build A Custom AC Hose

The custom a/c hose build page is to allow customers to purchase barrier hose by the inch with two fittings. The page will give us the information necessary to ship a hose that is crimped and ready to install. We use a bubble style crimper that allows us to guarantee the hose will not leak when using any automotive refrigerant. Please use the images to input the correct information when designing your custom hose. The webpage is setup to measure the hose by the inch, and add two fittings (one at each end) if you need an inline port you will have to call or email us to place the order. If you need rubber replaced that is attached to a hose manifold (two hoses with one fitting at one end ie: a compressor connection at one end and two separate connections at the condenser and evaporator) please email us a picture of the hose assembly for a price. If an aftermarket hose assembly is not available you can ship us the line to be rebuilt. We can quote the cost via email, please provide make, model, engine size, and year of the vehicle. We do not accept returns or exchanges on custom made hoses, please be sure your hose is correct prior to purchase. **PLEASE ENSURE YOUR ORDER ACCURACY BY SEARCHING THE PART NUMBERS BEFORE SELECTING FITTINGS ON THE CUSTOM HOSE PAGE***

Start building your custom hose:

A) Select The Hose Length & Type
B) Select The Left Side Hose Fitting

(3) Select the left side fitting for your custom hose. Please browse the website before selecting the details of the new hose. Figure out which two fittings will be needed to make the hose, write down the part numbers and fitting detailed description. After gathering the necessary fitting information you can select the left side fitting.

Mount Angle: 12 o'clock position
C) Select The Right Side Hose Fitting

(4) Place your hose so the fitting is pointing at the 12 o'clock position. If one or both fittings are straight the clocking of the fittings is not necessary. Leave the left side clock setting at the default choice.

(5) Select the right hose fitting, and then select the clock position of that fitting. The fitting clock position is necessary so the new hose will not be twisted when installed on the vehicle.


The New Hose Will Include New Orings.

Price as configured:$35.00